Reskin (rebranding): Purchase customized applications and games based on your branding

  • Is it the first time you are interested in a personalized application for your activities?

    Are you looking for a professional way to increase or improve your communication techniques?

    Are you looking for a unique opportunity to discover how interactive applications can make a difference and add enormous value to your organization?

    Do you want an application that can be downloaded from the Market Stores or playable on your website?

    This is the perfect starting point!

    We develop applications for the reference Market Stores for your site and carry out the RESKIN by customizing them with your Brand.

    We personally design, develop and design the applications ready to be re-branded (rebranding).

    We help companies perform the Reskin of existing games in our portfolio.

    We guide you in all phases of the project: from the creation of the App, to its publication on the store, up to the business model.

    Our experts are at your disposal to assist you during each stage of development.

    Choose the application to customize with your Brand.

Applications for educational, fun and colorful

RESKIN, application to discover Archaeology
RESKIN, application to learn to recognize flags


RESKIN, an application for learning about food by coloring it



Augmented Reality applications for the commercial promotion of brands and products/services, events and special moments.

Download App Teatro Greco-RomanoDownload App Teatro Greco-Romano


Applications in virtual reality, virtual visits of places reconstructed in 3D in first person

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Application for visits of environments and places in Virtual Reality


Maximum compatibility for desktop, PC, MaC, Tablet, Smartphone, Ipad and Iphone

Multilingual video-audio guides also in LIS for the removal of sensory barriers



VideoguideLIS of the Royal Palace of Caserta

App. Serious Game for teaching with a high scientific content


puzzle puzzle-completo

Application installed at the MArRC among the largest autonomous museums in Italy.


RESKIN, applications for navigation and knowledge of the Works of Art


Application for the study and exploration of the Tapestry by Jan Leyniers (1630-1686), the Flemish masterpiece reconstructed and made interactive on a touch screen, installed at the Diocesan Museum of the Ancient Village of Gerace.


RESKIN, application for Archives and virtual Monetieri in high definition


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