Multi-language audio guides – Video guides and translations in LIS, ISL, BSL and ASL

Audio guides video guides in LIS, ISL, BSL and ASL and other languages for the deaf specific tactile applications for the blind

Exhibits, Multimedia Applications and Serious Games

Installations for museums archaeological parks and cultural sites multimedia applications for art serious games for improving communication

3D scans and prints, tactile works

Laser and photographic scans 3D prints and tactile works for the blind and the sighted interactive 3D models

Photos and macros, Videos, Computer Generated Imagery, 3D reconstructions, drone surveys

Photographic shots for art macro photography for numismatics seals and small exhibits cgi for documents and videos

About us

digi.Art Digital Services for Art and Cultural Heritage accessibility

The upshot of experience in paper and wood restoration translated into digital with the intent of enhancing Cultural Heritage by making it accessible and suitable for everyone.

Our customers include: Museums, Archives, Nature Parks, UNESCO Heritage Sites, villages and historic centres, monumental buildings and Libraries.

Partnerships and Participations

What we do we do to challenge the status quo of accessibility. What has always been done is not always the best thing to do. Which is why for more than a decade we have been inspired by a clear and evident objective – to make public and cultural places accessible with safe and easy to use aids.

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