digi.Art presented Concept Art in Real Time, a cultural project made possible thanks to the sensitivity of the Department of Tourism, Cultural Heritage, Culture and Entertainment of the Provincial Administration of Reggio Calabria in the person of Councillor Dr Eduardo Lamberti Castronuovo, in collaboration with the non-profit cultural associations “Calabria and Calabresi” of Villa San Giovanni (RC), “SosBeniCulturali” of Reggio Calabria and with the Society of Services for Archaeology Aspasia Archeoservice S.r.l. with registered office in Reggio Calabria, in partnership with the non-profit association “Prometeus” of Palmi, with the collaboration of the State Institute of Art “M. Guerrisi” of Palmi, under the patronage of the municipalities of Palmi and Locri.

“Concept Art” is a form of illustration with the main objective of conveying an idea and/or a state of mind through a visual representation, also intended for use in films, video games, animations or comics. It is also ideal for visual development and/or concept design and can be applied to retail design, set design, fashion design and architectural design.

locandina concept art real time

Designers, modellers and graphic designers took turns in creating digital works on the theme of Cultural Heritage and the promotion and enhancement of the region. The works were made visible to the public on large screens, with the opportunity for anyone to try their hand at this particular and innovative form of digital Art, with the support of professionals in computer graphics and 3D modelling.

The event was held in the cities of Palmi (RC) Piazza Amendola, Locri (RC) Piazza Dei Martiri, and Reggio Calabria, cloister of San Giorgio al Corso.


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