3D scans and prints, tactile works: digi.Art’s digital innovation

In recent years, digital technology has made great strides in various fields, including art and culture. digi.Art, provides services for the creation of tactile works of art through scanning, photography and 3D prints.

Thanks to three-dimensional textured scanning technology, the surface of any object or environment can be faithfully reproduced, regardless of size or complexity. In this way, tactile works of art can be created, so that blind people and everyone else can appreciate the aesthetics and beauty of the works by touching them without harming the original work.

Body scanning and sculpting for multimedia applications

Among the services on offer are Body Scanning and Sculpting, a cutting-edge technology which makes possible the creation of three-dimensional models of the human body and works of art. Thanks to this technology, customised tactile works of art can be created such as portraits, statues and art objects. It is also possible to create animated characters for videos, animated shorts, video games.

digi.Art also offers multimedia applications for Windows, Android and iOS, so that works of art can be enjoyed in an innovative and engaging way. Thanks to the use of VR visors, it is possible to immerse oneself in an Augmented Reality or VR Virtual Reality dimension, experiencing Art in a completely new and immersive way.

Restoration and three-dimensional reconstructions

Thanks to three-dimensional laser and photographic surveys, it is possible to create philological reconstruction hypotheses.

From three-dimensional relief by means of special moderation and three-dimensional painting techniques, without any contact and manipulation of the original artefact, a faithful and philologically correct reconstruction can be obtained. To the original artefact can be applied the missing parts and those hypothetically associated with it.

ipotesi ricostruttiva tridimensionale filologica Kouros da Reggio Calabria

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If you are interested in the photo, video and drone survey services provided by digi.Art, do not hesitate to contact us to request more details or a customised quote. We are at your complete disposal to help you enhance your artistic and cultural heritage with cutting-edge and innovative solutions.