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Digi.Art, services for Art and accessibility

digi.Art Digital Services for Art and accessibility was established with the aim of preserving the assets that are part of Calabria’s cultural heritage, working in concert with public administrations, authorities, state archives and local authorities, associations and private individuals.

Specifically, digi.Art carries out laser and structured light surveys for the creation of numerical models, including for small objects such as coins or ancient seals.

Specialised in virtual restoration and two-dimensional virtual reconstructions, it designs and creates philological re-propositions of historical, artistic and archaeological sites and artefacts, with representations through holographic projections. In addition, digi.Art creates interactive multimedia applications, such as video-guides for museum exhibitions, archaeological sites and historical centres, virtual tours and interactive museum layouts. It specialises in the accessibility of cultural venues and the removal of hearing, sight and touch sensory barriers.

Some of the projects completed by digi.Art

Digital Services for Art and Cultural Assets accessibility

digi.Art Digital Services for Art and Accessibility, thanks to its collaboration with humanists, designers, restorers, computer technicians, level designers, and art photographers, approaches Cultural Heritage through innovative digital products and applications. digi.Art has collaborated with the Restoration Laboratory of the Riace Bronzes by creating numerical models of the Bronzes, used in the calculations of the new earthquake-proof bases designed by E.N.E.A., for the modelling of the carbon shells designed by I.s.C.R. It collaborates with museums of national interest, historical residences, villages and historical centres, libraries and archives. digi.Art is the upshot of the experience of Dr Rosanna Pesce, a stone, paper and wood restorer.

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