digi.Art's services for photography and videos, including with the use of drones

digi.Art is a pioneering company in the field of technologies for Art and culture, specialising in the creation of innovative solutions for the digitisation and enhancement of artistic and cultural heritage. Among the services provided by the company are video filming, photography and three-dimensional surveys, including with the use of drones. These are ideal solutions for the documentation and promotion of archaeological sites, monuments and works of Art.

The digi.Art team, composed of highly qualified professionals and equipped with the most advanced technologies and equipment, is able to carry out high-precision surveys and produce photos and videos of the highest quality. Thanks to the use of drones, it is possible to document even inaccessible sites, without compromising their integrity.

Photos, videos and drone surveys for artistic heritage promotion

digi.Art’s photo, video and drone survey services represent a comprehensive solution for the documentation, promotion and enhancement of artistic and cultural heritage. Thanks to these cutting-edge technologies, it is possible to carry out precision surveys and produce high-quality photos and videos, which can be used for the creation of virtual tours, guided tours and multimedia routes. In particular, drone surveys are especially suitable for the documentation of archaeological areas and monuments, but also for the three-dimensional reconstruction of works of art and artefacts.

Thanks to GIS technology, it is possible to carry out high-precision surveys and obtain detailed and accurate three-dimensional maps and models.

Photos at the highest resolution including with macro lenses for numismatics

I nostri servizi di fotografia rappresentano una soluzione ideale per musei, enti pubblici e privati, associazioni culturali e turistiche, ma anche per professionisti del settore come archeologi, storici dell’arte, restauratori e numismatici.

Our macro photography services are an ideal solution for museums, public and private institutions, cultural and tourism associations, but also for professionals such as archaeologists, art historians, restorers and numismatists. We are experts in macro photography of coins and seals, small finds in metal, wood, ivory and ceramics. Thanks to continuous research and the updating of technologies, digi.Art is among the leaders in the sector, offering innovative and cutting-edge solutions for the enhancement of artistic and cultural heritage.

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