Video guide in the Italian Sign Language and IS

Video guide in the Italian Sign Language and IS

digi.Art makes places of culture accessible to everyone by providing the right and customized solution. We offer the video guide service in LIS, the Italian Sign Language, ideal for:

archaeological parks;
cultural institutions;
public entities;
associations and foundations.

“makes places not accessible to everyone simply suitable”


Our VideoguideLIS was created in collaboration with deaf and hearing translators to ensure perfect understanding of the content even for people with hearing disabilities.

Thanks to this public platform, which can be used on various digital platforms, it is possible to overcome barriers and improve the visiting experience.

The VideoguideLIS is available for visiting numerous places of culture, including the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria – MA Locri, the Archeoderi Archaeological Museum, the Civic Museum of Mondrag Reggio Calabria and many others. The service allows you to select videos from the application menu or by scanning QR codes positioned along the visit path. Furthermore, the platform was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for those using a mobile phone.

Digi-art also offers the possibility of customizing the video guides to integrate them into the multimedia systems of the already existing places of culture. Alternatively, it is possible to install the platform on dedicated tablets that will be made available to deaf visitors or use it as a Web-App via mobile devices and personal computers.

Translations into LIS and IS

To ensure maximum accuracy in translating text intended for Italian sign language, we rely on the experience of Dr. Rosanna Pesce, an expert in museum displays and LIS translation.

Video translations in LIS accompanied by reference images

The video translations into LIS are accompanied by reference images of the chosen topic or exhibit. In this way, the visit experience is also enriched for deaf people who can appreciate the images and detailed descriptions of the places of culture.

Our services include:

  • Creation of personalized Web-Apps for museums and places of culture, with the integration of the VideoGuidaLIS and other interactive features.
    Collaboration with deaf and hearing translators expert in Italian Sign Language for the creation of multimedia contents.
    Installation and configuration of the hardware and software systems necessary for the use of the VideoGuidaLIS, including tablets and mobile devices.
    Technical assistance and maintenance of the installed systems, to guarantee an always optimal visit experience.

Digi-art: the experience in creating Web-Apps for museums

digi.Art has been providing video guide services in LIS for years and is specialized in the creation of Web-Apps for museums and places of culture.
Choosing Digi-art for LIS video guides means:


Making places of culture accessible to people with hearing disabilities, improving the visit experience and social inclusion.


Get a high quality service, created in collaboration with deaf and hearing translators who are experts in Italian Sign Language.

Multimedia platform

Having the opportunity to take advantage of a public platform for accessibility to places of culture, already used successfully in important museums and archaeological parks.

Personalized services

Being able to choose between different options for using the VideoGuidaLIS, based on the needs of your museum or place of culture.

Contact us for information

digi.Art is the ideal partner for the creation of video guides in LIS and Web-App for museums and places of culture. Thanks to our experience and collaboration with experts in Italian Sign Language, we are able to offer a high quality and personalized service to the needs of your museum or cultural facility.

Contact us for more information on our offer and find out how to make your places of culture accessible to everyone, thanks to the VideoGuidaLIS and our advanced technological solutions.

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