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The VideoguidaLIS developed for the National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia will enable visitors to discover and become much better acquainted with the museum’s artefacts. The VideoguidaLIS, is a journey through the history of one of the most important colonies of the Roman Empire.

The VideoguidaLIS can be downloaded free of charge from the Market Store, and also used online by logging onto the official website of the National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia or onto the national platform

The VideoguidaLIS contains 44 videos split into 9 menus to accompany visitors with greetings, notices and advice, illustrating the history of ancient Aquileia, one of the most important colonies of ancient Rome.

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The texts have been suitably adapted from Italian to Italian Sign Language by Rosanna Pesce and translated into Italian Sign Language by Fabio Zamparo (deaf person), with the assistance of Elena Marra (hearing person).

The following menus can be found in the application:

Info and notices;


Museum excavations and studies;

The public space;

The necropolis;

The domus;

Aquileia the port of the Mediterranean;

Production activities;

Luxury and wealth;



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Privacy Policy

This Application does not collect any data, personal or whatsoever. This application is free and it does not require any permission to data collection.


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