Serious Game: innovative solution for digital teaching.

giochi seri per l'Arte e l'Archeologia. Didattica innovativa.

Stimolare la curiosità attraverso il gioco.

A customizable application, a serious game, literally a serious game, where the contents are the main part of the application.

In the serious game, the importance of the content is underlined: images, texts and music. The user’s attention is drawn through rebuses and various games with increasing difficulty.

schermata del telefonino che simula un videogioco con statua greca e mappa della città

The digi.Art Serious Games are available in the Off-line App version downloadable from Google Play and the Apple Store App, in the Web-App version to be used with the most popular web browsers. The interface, graphics and menus of the Application are customizable.

A series of games such as rebus, color, puzzle, discover and recompose the image, aim at education and teaching through fun.

Paintings, sculptures, musical instruments, archaeological finds, nature parks, archival documents are just some of the contexts and contents to be included in a serious game.

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