Smartphones and tablets are technologies in everyday use, devices that put us into contact

with the world and in this case with the past to relive the magnificence of the Greek-Roman Theatre of Locri. The structures of the theatre have been reconstructed in an interactive digital model thanks to which it will be possible, in addition to a complete visit, to open the “Velarium” designed to protect the audience from the sun, or activate the mechanisms

hidden under the “Stage”, connected to the mobile stage sets that accompanied the

performances held in the theatre.

It will be possible to interact with the characters in the theatre to obtain further information on its history and construction features.

digi.Art, a company specialising in Digital Services for Art, founded by Dr Rosanna Pesce, illustrated the project, in the form of “Technical Sponsorship”, to the Mayor of Locri, Dr Giovanni Calabrese and to the director of the Locri Archaeological Museum and Park, Dr

Rossella Agostino with the aim of promoting the Theatre and drawing even more attention to the entire Archaeological Park and Museum, but also to the town of Locri, which boasts other artistic and archaeological gems within its municipal area.

The creation of the digital model of the Theatre also availed itself of the scientific advice

of archaeologist Dr Simona Accardo under the supervision of Dr Rossella Agostino who, as official of the MIBACT (Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities and Tourism) has the institutional task of protecting and enhancing the archaeological heritage, and of Dr Rosanna Pesce. The Mayor of Locri, Dr Giovanni Calabrese, as part of his duties to administer and promote the Cultural Heritage of the Municipality of Locri, welcomed the arrival of an innovative tool such as the Virtual Reality visit of one of the most important historical buildings included in the Locri Archaeological Park, which will enable an increasingly larger number of people to become acquainted with the region’s heritage.


<< digital technologies designed and applied to boost the enjoyment of a cultural asset by the public constitute the progress we are in need of >> said Dr Rosanna Pesce <<The Virtual Reality application for an immersive visit of the Greek-Roman Theatre was developed on the basis of this idea and contributes to boosting knowledge of the history of the area in which we live in order to amplify the perception of the potential inherent in cultural heritage and concretize the idea that cultural heritage can give rise to a cultural economy>>.

The creation of the application saw the collaboration of professionals like Level Designer, Antonio Tarantello and, for digi.Art, Dr Rosanna Pesce who, in addition to providing scientific advice, also held the role of Executive Producer, the developer Giuseppe D’Aquì, Artistic Director and text creator Giuseppe Musicò and Claudio Martino, who oversaw the communication graphic project. Giuseppe Florio’s company, Graphic e-Business took care of indoor communication installations.

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The application is available as a free download on Google Play and Apple Store by typing

search <<Greek Theatre>> or <<Greek-Roman Theatre of Lokroi>>. Further information is available on the developer’s website or on Facebook page <<digi.Art digital services for art>>.

Privacy Policy This Application does not collect any data, personal or whatsoever. This application is free and it does not require any permission to data collection.


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