LEARN BY COLOURING is the series of applications developed for colouring and learning about Archaeology with original drawings adapted to the understanding of 0 to 4-year-old children.

An application dedicated to children who love colouring and an enjoyable way to become better acquainted with Archaeological artefacts.

The drawings and icons of the application were created by the pupils of the 4th grade Graphic class of the M.Preti – A.Frangipane Artistic secondary school, for the Alternating School-Work project 2016/2017, together with Rosanna Pesce’s digi.Art company.


Learn history by colouring is an application to colour and learn about some of the artefacts from Medma (Rosarno), Monasterace and Locri.

The students selected the archaeological finds and processed them with original vector graphics.

menu di scelta dell'applicazione

schermata del tablet con calluccio da colorare

Simple, fun and full of detail. This application allows you to play and discover the secrets of Archaeology while spending pleasant moments together with those you love.

Learn history by colouring is a great game suitable for 0-4-year-old children.


schermata del gioco con vaso da colorare


Download the App for Android

Download the App for IOS

Features include:

– Simple and intuitive menu design and operation

– Finger colouring

– Archaeological artefacts redrawn and interpreted by students

– Save-drawing option to share with friends and family or set them

as background

– Choice of colours from available markers

– Eraser to remove colours

This application is free.

Privacy Policy

The safety of the children and the serenity of the parents come first:

“Privacy Policy”:

The app does not collect any personal information or communicate user actions in any way.

The app does not collect or transmit any personal or usage data in any way. Requires access to the device’s Photo Gallery in order to save designs.


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