Solutions to improve the appeal and visitability of a place also include multimedia platforms.

Not just videos, but platforms conceived, designed and developed according to the needs of those who will have to use them.

The VideoGuidaLIS (video guide in Italian Sign Language) of the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria – MArRC, makes it possible, by means of a multimedia system available for a number of different digital platforms, for deaf people to overcome perceptive barriers and improve the experience of a visit to the new MArRC installation.

The web version is available at the link


The texts intended for translation into sign language, a total of 120 videos, have been appropriately adapted to LIS translation by Dr Rosanna Pesce, an expert in multimedia installations, and are derived from the original ones, delivered by the archaeologists who helped set up the MArRC and organised according to the precepts of the executive projects of the museum exhibition.

The VideoGuidaLIS was conceived and designed by digi.Art and is available on three

digital platforms:

Integrated into the display islands (multimedia touch screen systems that make up

the multimedia apparatus of the MArRC, already designed and realised by digi.Art for

in-depth information on the exhibits);

installed on 20 tablets to be made available to deaf visitors, at the MArRC Bookshop;

Accessible via the internet as a Web App.

targa informativa

The simple interface allows the selection of videos from the application menu, either by selecting the exhibition level and then the island and topic or by scanning the QR codes positioned along the MArRC exhibition route, using the tablet obtained at the Bookshop. The interface has been carefully designed to be recognisable by those who commonly use a mobile phone and intuitive thanks to the choice of colours – those of the 4 exhibition levels.

The video translations in LIS are flanked by in-depth images of the chosen topic or artefact.

The new layout of the MArRC comprises about 200 showcases, in which are displayed exhibits covering a long period, from the Palaeolithic to the Late Roman Age. The total

reopening of the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria is an opportunity for social growth which thanks to the VideoGuidaLIS, conceived and designed for the new National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria by digi.Art Digital Services for Art, has also been extended to people with hearing impairments.


It was produced by the Directorate General for the Enhancement of Cultural Heritage of the MiBACT, as part of the implementation of innovative development projects in the audiovisual and multimedia sector – Accessibility project for the visually impaired and deaf, and promoted by the Superintendency of Archeology of Calabria.

digi.Art creates multimedia and educational applications, interactive video guides for museum exhibitions, archaeological sites and historical centres, also in augmented reality and virtual reality. It is specialized in three-dimensional surveying, in the elaboration and restitution of 3D models, in restoration and virtual reconstructions. It designs and creates philological re-propositions of historical, artistic and archaeological sites and finds, also with representations through holographic projections.


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